Homeless child in need on San Juan

What would you do if you knew a child was living in an unsafe environment and needed a place to stay? Chances are you would help that child.

On San Juan Island there are currently six homeless youth, 36 children living in extreme poverty and 136 kids on free or reduced lunches. About 30 of these kids play in the middle school or high school band and can’t afford to buy an instrument, and renting instruments from the school is become more and more needed.

I never thought I would be a host family to a foster child, but when the need arose, my family rose to the occasion.

For those that can’t be foster parent or a host home, you can still participate in the betterment of a child’s life by contributing your time as a mentor and/or your money to their expenses.

If you can help, please make a contribution to the San Juan Island Family Resource Center to help pay for the care of a foster child’s host family for incidentals like sportswear, a gym membership, transportation or a special gift certificate for a child. Donations are needed to help host families care for these children.

All of these things [are] everything a child needs to thrive.

For families like ours, who do not receive any financial subsidy as a host family, we pay for all of our new child’s direct needs (food, housing, clothing, shoes, furniture, gym membership, bedding, etc).

Don’t let the financial issue be a barrier for the care of a child.

If you can’t care for a child in your home, consider donating to the Host Family Fund at the Family Resource Center. Funding for the care of a child can be expensive. Even a gym membership or a second hotel room for a family vacation can help make a big difference to a foster child’s host family.

Stephanie Buffum

San Juan Island