Grateful for Land Bank | Letter

During this time of coronavirus unrest, there are some particularly comforting aspects of living in San Juan County. Right at the top is our San Juan County Land Bank.

We are fortunate to have land set aside in perpetuity. We have dedicated stewards, director and staff, who carefully work for our public land, that we may use it for our enjoyment and recreation.

For the last 17 years, when possible, I have attended monthly Land Bank meetings, because never have I experienced people like our Land Bank Commissioners.

There is a constant respect in their deliberations; they listen to each other and the public, considering all sides of an issue, whether or not they agree. It is an opportunity to watch a group of people whose main objective is the good of this county. They are a working example of the concept of finding consensus.

We residents are the beneficiaries.

In appreciation,

Eileen Drath

San Juan Island