Go see ‘The Other Place’ at the Grange | Letter

I’m not sure how to accurately articulate the feeling that I experienced while watching this phenomenal production of “The Other Place” at The Grange Theatre. However, if there is one word I can confidently walk away with, it is hope.

The actors bring us to a place of the unknown and while the subject matter may be rather heavy at times, it brings light to a subject that many of us are afraid of.

Under the amazing direction of Doug Bechtel, he has handled the topic of dementia with great compassion. Aaimee Johnson’s phenomenal display of strength through increasing confusion is the heartbeat of the show. Kevin Doyle’s display of tender frustration is truly poignant. Bethany Marie is a light of sincere humor playing multiple roles. Travis Baker also plays multiple roles genuinely embodying each one with care.

The backstage crew makes it seamless, from the unique set design to the emotive lighting and the impeccable timing of the backstage hands; I was blown away.

Watching this show allowed me to step into a place of fearlessness with the actors and gave me a sense of understanding I had never known before. I fully recommend this show for anyone, especially those who are seeking peace with a disease that has had a cloud of darkness over it for so long.

Bailey Sande