Frustration with bureaucracy | Letters

I am really frustrated today, and that frustration doesn’t even include the crazy in the White House. Our community is spending, from my point of view, millions of our tax dollars on frivolous projects so that cars don’t have to slow down on curves, airport expansion and consulting fees, and sidewalk construction that our rural community doesn’t need at this time. What we do need and have needed for many years is dormitories for seasonal workers and access to affordable and low-cost housing for the people that make our community what it should be.

My frustration is our lack of priorities and then to appease what we have not prioritized we propose a new tax, which, unfortunately, is somewhat borne by the very people that we are trying to help. Anyway, many good people are working hard on this housing situation, but if it is what the community wants, then I think the community and not one special group should bear its cost. It is always great to make the other guy pay for what we probably should be paying for ourselves.

Of course, people will say, all that money being spent on projects is coming from different taxing authorities. Friends and neighbors!!! Thus it is still our money and we should be able to tell the bureaucrats where we want it spent.

Walter Corbin