Farm tour thanks | Letter

We want to thank all the members of our amazing community for another successful farm tour event here on Orcas Island. For the past three years, on the first Sunday in October, members of our farming community open their farms to public tours. A quintessential “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food” event.

At the end of the tour, a celebration at Orcas Farm in Doe Bay is held, capping off a wonderful day with food, drink and song. The success of this event for the farming community is shared by many and we would like to take a moment to thank them. From our farmers, neighbors and businesses who participated in the celebration with food and services, we are in awe of your generosity: Brown Bear Bakery, The Kitchen, Roses Cafe, Catkin Cafe, Doe Bay Resort, Orcas Co-op, Red Rabbit Farm, Wren’s Berry Farm, Maple Rock Farm, Buck Bay Shellfish, West Beach Farm, Island Hoppin’ Brewery, Orcas Events, Zach@DJ Teachers Pet, Hogstone Pizza, Orcas Chamber of Commerce, Musical Trio Mary Wachter, Fabrice Van Putten & Armando Arguello, Orcas Farm, Jess Townsend, Drew Downing and the San Juan Conservation District.

Charles Dalton, Molly Donovan, Kathy Morris

Orcas Island