Exchange welcomes new manager

I’d like to introduce myself to this community. My name is Michael Ream and I was recently selected to be the manager of the Exchange.

I am excited about this position, as it significantly parallels my personal philosophy of reduce, reuse and recycle. Being somewhat new to this community grants me a relatively clear view of some of the needs met by the Exchange and its position as an “institution” here. I’d like to applaud the people who have been instrumental in creating this place, the dedicated people who work tirelessly in all sorts of conditions to provide service to you, the people who continue to support the Exchange and adapt to conditions which alter the way we work. Thank you!

One of the key aspects of the Exchange is the word “change.” Your goods change from your hands to ours and we endeavor to put them to good use in the hands of others or see them recycled in an appropriate manner. Change is also a key factor in our ability to accept your goods. The economic downturn (which hinges on societies “use”) makes many things less valuable as a commodity or as a resource which can be recycled which in turn inhibits our capacity for taking things you bring us. Obviously the goods you bring us should have a value or we end up paying to dispose of them. I’ve noted several of our “customers” express dissatisfaction about what we currently take in and that’s understandable. I (we) will try to explain the “whys” if given the opportunity and always respect you for bringing us your stuff. In return I’ll ask that you consider our position regarding a viable end use for your stuff. We will do our very best to satisfy your wants as politely and with as much information as we can provide. In turn I ask you to understand that we are human, sometimes get stressed and may not be able to provide you with what you want.

Please believe that we’ll make every attempt to aid you and we are actively seeking useful ends for your goods. We will be giving our site a thorough clean up and affecting positive changes in keeping with 27 years of waste reduction in this community.

Thank you very much and stop by and say hello.

Michael Ream

Orcas Island