End US involvement in Saudi Arabia

In the next few weeks, Congress will introduce a resolution to end U.S. complicity in the Saudi-led war that has created a humanitarian crisis in Yemen. If the resolution succeeds and the U.S. withdraws support for military operations, Saudi Arabia will have to end its airstrikes, which have killed thousands of innocent civilians. If the resolution fails, the Saudis are likely to escalate violence, with horrific consequences for the people of Yemen.

Out here in the islands, children grow up with clean air, surrounded by nature, safe and secure that their futures are bright. We are fortunate to live in such a beautiful and peaceful place. As people who believe in peace, we want this opportunity for all children around the world. When we read about the news in Yemen, we are horrified to see that a child is dying every 75 seconds from malnutrition in a conflict the U.S. has been supporting directly. We recently learned that our Congressman, Rick Larsen, has an opportunity to help end the war in Yemen, which the UN considers the world’s worst humanitarian crisis – by supporting the Yemen War Powers Resolution.

The San Juan Islands Advocacy Team thanks Representative Larsen for his leadership on initiatives for peace in the past, including repeal of the 2002 Authorization for the Use of Military Force. We ask him to step up to the plate again. His strong public stand in favor of the Yemen War Powers Resolution will help bring peace to a war-torn region.

The San Juan Islands Advocacy Team

Kathy Cope, Friday Harbor

Linda Ellsworth, Eastsound

Iris Graville, Lopez Island

Jerry Graville, Lopez Island

Charles Janeway, Lopez Island

Darcy Leach, Olga

Necia Quast, Friday Harbor

Tom Rawson, Eastsound

Kim Secunda, Eastsound