Emergency responders contribute so much

After being residents of West Sound for 31 years we have often heard and read praises of the work of the Fire Department emergency team. We recently experienced for ourselves the truth and importance of what these people – our friends and neighbors – contribute to our life on Orcas.

Recently while eating lunch at home I was overcome with chills followed by uncontrollable shivering in my entire body. My wife called 911 upon the advice from the medical center. Within five minutes Firefighter Ian Wareham arrived, which was extremely reassuring. He was soon followed by EMTs Julie Remington, Maria and Bob Nutt and Cameron Fralick. As they were helping me, paramedic Val Harris arrived in the AID car and quickly assessed this was an infection which needed immediate hospitalization and ordered the medivac helicopter.

From the time of the 911 call to the time I was being treated in the emergency room of St. Joseph Hspital in Bellingham was around 45 minutes. It was indeed a bacterial blood infection (septicemia) which needs immediate intervention. The care and compassion and swift response probably saved my life. Nowhere in the world could I have received more professional and tender loving care than here on Orcas. I am grateful for the “angels” who take care of us in times of need. I salute you. I must add that the care in St. Joseph Hospital was exceptional and we on Orcas are indeed fortunate to have such outstanding medical care available to us.

Frank L. Bret

West Sound