Elect Eric Peter as next sheriff| Letter

Please join me in supporting Eric Peter for Sheriff!

I have owned a home on San Juan Island since 1994, and I spent summers growing up at Roche Harbor where my grandpa worked for his sister. I love this magical place and it’s been heartbreaking to see so many islanders, including our family, negatively impacted by our Sheriff’s department over the last eight years.

Our islands need a sheriff who holds himself and the department to a higher standard, someone who has more experience and high emotional intelligence. Eric has shown that he is a leader who truly cares and respects everyone, no matter what their political or religious beliefs are, how much money they have, how long they have lived here or what their last name is.

Stories of bizarre incidents of misconduct and missteps involving our sheriff’s department have made the Seattle Times, and even the Washington Post and the New York Post.

I hope islanders will say enough and elect Eric Peter as our next sheriff!

Leanne Brunette

Friday Harbor