Don’t give up | Letter

To the disenfranchised, despondent, disappointed and disturbed: please do not give up. To the worriers, sleepless intellectuals and the dreamers: please do not give up. To the youth, and to our elders, please know we will not give up.

The opportunities that come with this new decade are varied and great!

We have the opportunity to create even more change than we knew could occur. In our community alone, we have the right to public transportation. Yellow buses zip around our island daily with open seats by the dozen; and we have a school district full of bright leaders, looking for clever and innovative ideas.

A community of nature enthusiasts determined to take one day out of the week and just walk, bike, ride a horse, or row and just slow down.

Commerce prepared to say NO to polyester blends, NO to Monsanto and NO to Dole plantation and their weak produce.

We are the upper northwest corner of the most progressive place on the planet; let’s show the world just how much we care and implore the rest of the world, “PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP.”

Joshua Culp

Deer Harbor