Don’t agree with sidewalk on Haven | Letters

Many, if not all, citizens and property owners protested the installation of sidewalks on Haven Road at the last meeting of the community that was held to discuss this issue. Haven Road is really a lane and unsuitable for sidewalks, as it would only make this narrow lane more congestive and unattractive.

The fly in the ointment is, of course, the lack of support by Councilman Rick Hughes for his constituents’ desires. The sidewalk issue on Haven is not new, and Rick has been aware of our resistance to its installation for a year. Unfortunately, like many politicians, he vacillated to keep us off guard, and then when push came to shove, he failed to support many of the people that voted him into office.

Eastsound is a village and not some unwieldy metropolis that needs to be paved over from head to toe because of one person’s desire or business interests. Eastsound is a community, and the wants and needs of the community must not be thwarted by one person. Perhaps it is time that this councilman becomes history at the next election — should he run.

Walter Corbin