Do you want to heal this world? | Letters

Your best tools to heal this world are visualization and prayer.

We are programmed to think we need to influence human mechanisms, like governmental policy, to create change. This is not so.

Truly, your greatest gift and power is your conscious awareness! What you visualize, you create in the material world! There is a lot of science to back this up. See Masaru Emoto and his work with water crystals. He has a lot of excellent research on this subject. Jesus and other spiritual teachers back this up as well. Truly, you affect material reality and all human endeavor by your conscious visualization.

So, if you want to change this world, change yourself! Change your thinking! Cleanse your thoughts of despair, and set aside some time each day, say noon, to visualize what you want! What do you want Earth to look like? Say a prayer for the water, the land, the air! See humankind waking up and treating all life with respect. See us all ennobled, in compassionate understanding for all of life. This is how humanity will change the world, and frankly, it is the only way we are going to do this. You don’t need to use force, you don’t need to hurt anybody. Just use your imagination!

Many people know this already. But, for all you fence sitters out there, I encourage you to give it a try. The hard science is out there to back this up, as well. Take some time to look for it.

Let’s change this world! Visualize what you want! See it clean and beautiful, and whole. See it with sparkling purity, with dolphins swimming and jumping over the water, see stars enchanting, see healthy orca whales swimming in pristine waters! See humanity surrounded and permeated with a mist of pink love. It is time to heal this world. Those of you with the understanding, you know what to do. So, see this world bright and new. As above, so below. May love surround you all and permeate you through and through. We have already won, so let’s get to work.

Domenic Verbano

Orcas Island