Do we need street lights on Prune Alley? | Letter

A few days ago I saw the conceptual design for Prune Alley Street improvements. They include – but are not confined to – the installation of seventeen street lights, each sixteen feet in height, two to be installed at Main Street and Prune Alley, three at A Street, four at Fern Street, four at Rose Street and four at School Road. Work is planned to begin early 2021.

I have been a year-round resident on Orcas Island for many years and to me this is not the way to enhance the charm and integrity of Eastsound Village. It destroys its distinct character and uniqueness that so many of us cherish and for which reasons we have pride in living here.

This also concerns me that eventually this could be the crack in the door that has the whole of Eastsound alight at night.

The Eastsound Planning and Review Committee is to have a meeting soon(date and time to be decided) which will be open to the public and their comments.

Meanwhile to see the projected plans go to Google then go to San Juan County,Wa. Public works. On the left you will see Current Projects and in there you will see Conceptual Design for Prune Alley.

Chris Bean-Hearne