Distrust of cell towers | Letters

It has become clear that the most important action I can take today is to express how deeply I distrust cell phone towers.

There is nothing healthy about them, and the fact that Orcas Island has as many as it does can only spell trouble for us all. I encourage my family and friends to think about their own cell phone use daily and consider what exactly is occurring when living in an environment that is so heavy on digital technology. There is a direct correlation between cell phone towers and climate change; you just have to connect the modern dippin’ dots. You can expect your quality of life to suffer if we continue to go about business as usual and choose to stay connected to the phone and the internet, and disconnected from the very place we were born: the earth. It is never too late, until it is, so consider what truly matters for your family and community. My vote is to stop while we are ahead and become a digital-free community that prospers through gross happiness, not GDP.

Josh Culp

Deer Harbor