Disappointed in Port Commission | Letter

Most commissions receive $120 per meeting per person or less and some decline altogether.

I am chair of EPRC, dedicate hours a month, plus a 3-hour public meeting as a public service and as SJC Cemetry Commissioner, and I receive a $90 meeting stipend. Fire commissioners receive a $120 stipend. Working hours every week plus public meetings. OPALCO directors must study/know their intimidating board book, attend educational power meetings, become board certified and attend 5–6-hour board meetings for $200 per meeting. The Planning Commission (meetings, are 6-8 hours which

take hours of prep and studying the SJC Comprehensive plan and planning documents) plus some 50 other community service boards/commissions that receive no compensation at all.

The lack of forethought of this board is disappointing.

Leith Templin