Council is afraid to tackle issues

I have always been puzzled by the actions of seemingly rational and intelligent people who, after being elected to an office, are so afraid to tackle controversial issues and quickly learn how to deftly evade direct questions from the public. Another trait is to postpone as long as possible making a decision on these controversial issues.

After four or five years the embarrassment gets so great, they relieve the pressure by appointing committees. And then appoint more committees to monitor the committees that they previously appointed. A further postponement tactic is to then hire consultants. If the consultants might embarrass them into making a decision they then request that a meaningless survey of sorts be taken. Hopefully this survey will be a topic of conversation among the public for many weeks. The politicians again pleading that they can’t make a decision on the issue until they analyze all the comments and feedbacks that the survey and consultants are suppose to generate. During this period they pray daily that the public will not be aware of the tremendous cost these delays, surveys and consultants are costing them. And hopefully, a more pressing issue will arise so they can again make no decision on that first controversial issue and the process of postponement can repeat itself all over again.

Am I getting to close to home with these observations?

Walter Corbin