Consider using vinegar as a cleaner | Letters

There is nothing better than a clean bathroom, and for that, I use vinegar and water. I’ll even use it on the shower to get off that slimy soap residue that seems to cling to every tile, leaving you unable to even look at your shower walls. To easily mitigate this problem, just mix half parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle or small container, add some lavender, lemon or orange peel and let sit for a few days in a warm sunny place in your home. You now have a powerful, non-toxic cleaning solution that can be generously applied to any surface in your bathroom, leaving you with the clean refreshing smells that you deserve!

Now, if you are the cleaning type, give it a try in other parts of your house, like on the windows, your hardwood floors, the refrigerator and even in your kitchen sink. This stuff is great. The non-toxic qualities make it a safe choice for young children to use! Perhaps bad breath has got you down – now you can at least have a clean bathroom! I don’t always clean my house, but when I do, I sure enjoy using vinegar and water, and I think you will as well!

J. Moshe Culp

Orcas Island