Concerned about sheriff’s log entry

The following letter is about the sheriff’s log that appeared in The Islands’ Sounder edited its version of the below entry and removed any reference to skin color prior to printing.

I am alarmed by an item in the Sheriff’s Report for February 15–21 entitled, “Suspicious Person/Circumstance.” The item, in its entirety, reads as follows: “A Lopez resident reported a male with a dark complexion driving a light blue Chevy truck was seen possibly casing properties in the area of Vista and Cousins Road. The male was described as having an aggressive demeanor.”

Nothing in the item supports the idea that the driver was “casing properties.” As for having an “aggressive demeanor” — really? What does that even mean? And since when is it ”suspicious” to drive with any particular facial expression? If I had driven by, would the Sheriff have received a report that “a driver with a pale complexion was possibly casing properties”?

The Sheriff’s Report should not lend credence to the idea that “driving while Black” is “suspicious.” That racist idea has added stress to the lives of millions of our brothers and sisters and has led to tragic consequences for hundreds — maybe thousands.

Rick Rhoads

Orcas Island