Community Resource Center thanks United Way of San Juan County | Letter

The Orcas Community Resource Center would like to thank United Way San Juan County for its continued support.

As a supported program, the resource center is ever grateful for United Way helping us to serve our neighbors during their time of need. In the last year, we assisted one in every five Orcas Island residents, providing approximately 20 services per day. Our work is made possible with the ongoing support of our incredible community including the United Way San Juan County’s annual grant award. We thank United Way for actively helping Orcas islanders through their annual grants program supporting our organization’s efforts to improve the quality of life of Orcas islanders in need with resources that can help: housing, health care, family support and more. You can learn more about United Way San Juan County or make a donation electronically by visiting their Facebook page. If you are interested in learning more about Orcas Community Resource Center, visit our website at

Orcas Community Resource Center