Come together and cancel mandates | Letter

It’s time to come together as a community.

Look at your neighbor — the one you disagree with. They are just like you: passionate, opinionated, and caring. They want the best for themselves, their family and their community. Their words and actions work to make the world a better place — from their perspective.

Last fall I took an action, with intentions to benefit the community; instead many people were confused and scared. The array of opinions shared in the aftermath demonstrated the drastic polarization of people’s thoughts.

This divide is created from our information feed. Mainstream media, without question, is censored and directed. Super-smart people are frequently being “canceled” —removed from their social media platforms, and discredited by media’s one-way messaging machine. In their absence, we’re fed one storyline over and over about how dangerous “non-conforming” people are to everyone. How can we think critically if we hear only one side of an issue?

State and Federal governments, driven by Big Pharma, deliver their Covid Response through a supportive mainstream and social media. This has created a confused and disorientated public. The message is fear, fear, FEAR, then blame, blame, blame… This dictates a “vaccinate or die” undertone, so “make sure you (and your neighbor) are vaccinated!!!” This is toxic and divisive messaging; our hearts, and community, are suffering from it.

“Vaccinations are great for a large sector of the public, but they offer zero benefits to children.” We NEVER hear that from mainstream media. Instead, important facts are removed from discussion by the government and media censorship, or tailored to suit their narrative. Vaccines are the ONLY solution offered. Since there are no other options, mandates become the solution.

Mandates are wrong. Vaccinations are just fine and serve an important role in many instances, but forcing vaccinations and masks upon people — especially children — is so very, very wrong.

Without mandates, vaccination and masking would be a personal choice. With freedom of choice, neighbors could engage in thoughtful discussion, share personal observations, build relationships, and could love instead of “police” each other.

Please work to “cancel” mandates in our community.

Matt Marinkovich

San Juan Island