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Change in Eastsound | Letter

In the good old days the sewers emptied onto the beach which was not a problem since there was no public access to the (private) beach.

At the very heart of the village at the intersection of Main Street and North Beach were two gas stations.

There was no Village Green. No Waterfront Park.

Madrona Point was owned by a private developer and was open to public use.

LP GAS was stored where the library now sits.

The all volunteer Fire Department was lodged where Rose’s Cafe now is and was all volunteer. Every response roared out thru the village, lights flashing and and sirens howling.

We wrote the Eastsound Village Plan in the Fire Department training room, now Rose’s kitchen before Growth Management. At least that, the Eastsound Village Plan, hasn’t changed.

John M. Campbell

Orcas Island