CERF Thank You


Recently, the Orcas Island Community Foundation received a significant anonymous gift to the Community Emergency Response Fund. This fund was established in March 2020 as the pandemic began to provide a vehicle for the Orcas community to quickly redirect resources where they were needed most and to those with the greatest needs. Over 1000 neighbors have contributed so far, from $10 to much more. Each gift strengthens this community, deepening the donor’s connection through this act of support. By working together for the good of all, we build our community resilience. We’ve been able to respond to gaps in critical services due to the pandemic and now the deluge. Thank you to each and everyone who has contributed amounts big and small.

!00% of your donation goes towards community support. OICF does not take an administrative fee, as we fund our operations through our Community Cornerstone program. Cornerstones are neighbors who donate $1000 or more annually to OICF specifically for general administration. Thanks to these generous neighbors, when you give $1 through the Give Orcas Campaign or to one of our funds under management like CERF, the full $1 goes to the cause you care about.

One thing that both the pandemic and the recent rains have made clear is that we do not all feel the impact of an emergency equally. There are some in the community who face devastation, loss of income, and property damage due to these rains, while others were thankfully spared. Orcas Community Resource Center is one of the vital organizations that form our island’s safety net. OICF gives funds from CERF to OCRC who provides emergency funds to individuals in need. If you lost income or experienced damages due to an emergency and you could use a little help for essential needs, please contact OCRC. They are there for you and for us all.

The recent flooding presents unique challenges. Many neighbors do not have flood insurance and insurance claims can be very difficult to navigate. OICF and OCRC are working to establish a team of volunteers to help navigate claims and evaluate requests for help. Michele Wiley, of Madrona Insurance, has offered to provide a brief training for volunteers. If you are interested in participating, please contact Ed Andrews, ed@OICF.us, 360-376-6423.

Emergencies are going to happen. It is great to be prepared as best as we can. CERF adds to that preparation. One more thing to be grateful for.

Hilary Canty

OICF Executive Director