Celebrate peace | Letters

Washington has been a Democratic majority for as long as I can remember, and today Democrats are doing everything possible to make sure it stays that way. And I’ll fulfill my obligatory duty, not as a Democrat but as a citizen, and vote this mid-term election. Sadly, it will not be with the principles of a free democracy worth dying for, but specifically in order to take some of the power away from this administration and a bipartisan corporate corrupted government that exists because of a war-based economy and its silent citizens. As a nation and as a people, I feel we have compromised our principals and morality for the supposed better good of our country; so many times there’s not enough morality left within our government to make any difference.

On Nov. 11, the world celebrates the 100-year anniversary of Armistice Day, a day our corporate, bipartisan, war economy government would like us to forget. Armistice Day was created to celebrate the end of war so our young people wouldn’t have to kill or be killed for principles we find out more and more only exist within the thoughts of its citizens. Veterans Day was created nearly three decades later on the same day for the United States to sell its wars, creating heroes out of those that fight them in order for us to ultimately celebrate the war. In 17 years we’ve celebrated this created, never-ending “War on Terror” and millions of lives later with trillions of dollars not being used to fix our planet, we now have a corporate war of terror! I have yet to hear anything about war or peace from our representatives, and the only actions I see from both sides is this angry fear of the other side. Millions no longer have a voice telling us to wake up so we can fix the many wrongs with our elected corporate government or the Peoples’ Nation.

So remember Armistice Day this Nov. 11 and celebrate peace louder than our continuous war of terror.

John Cook