Cavanaugh talk was inspirational | Letter

Friends of the San Juans and Rainshadow Solar offered Orcas residents and guests a special treat on May 15, sponsoring an inspirational photo-tour of the Falkland Islands, wind-swept South Georgia, and a dip into Antarctica by noted scientist, photographer – and Lopezian– Peter Cavanaugh.

Peter’s epigrammatic delivery was highly informative and rich with history. His pictures, of course, were nothing short of breathtaking. He woos us with images of craggy icebergs and dressed-up penguins. But by the end, all were struck by the singularity of his message; not even the remotest reaches of the planet are exempt from the insatiable Anthropocene appetite for exploitation, intrusion, gulping of fossil fuels, over-harvest of sea life, and ultimately the invasion of climate change. Lest any of us think our tranquil San Juan islands offer respite, he posted a graphic of the jarring increase in tanker traffic – and resulting doomsday threat of catastrophic oil spills – if pending Canadian tar sands development is realized. Many, many thanks to Peter, Friends, and Rainshadow for sharing with our community.

Toby Cooper

Orcas Island