Carrying on from COVID | Letter

On Dec. 9, the Sounder reported three positive COVID tests being actively monitored on San Juan Island. The people who tested positive are not reported as being “sick.” There have been no local deaths that I am aware of during the entire course of this pandemic.

For this, restaurants have permanently closed and the owners have lost their livelihoods and investments. Sectors of our local economy are in severe distress. Residents have no active social life. School activities are shuttered. Our cultural institutions are in limbo. Sane people must ask themselves why and to what end?

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf drastically shut down his state and now he reports he is COVID positive. His own draconian restrictions couldn’t protect even him.

I am beyond fed up with the tyranny of our governor and public health officials. C’mon people. If you feel at serious risk of complications from getting COVID, you know how to protect yourself. Otherwise, let the rest of us get on with our lives, our livelihoods, and our constitutional right to live and breathe freely. Now, for all you naysayers who will accuse me of being selfish, uncaring, and lacking compassion, I say, au contraire, that I am very compassionate and caring about all the people and institutions on our island that have been devastated emotionally and financially by these lockdowns.

Kathy Schwartz

Cape San Juan