Brother crow, sister crow | Letter

Machines roared crunching the beautiful trees into nothingness, toothpicks for the the machine to pick its teeth, to show how powerful it thinks it is. Oh, but it is for a good cause, you say. Yes, of course, to separate income groups from each other and to call it good! Good for whom? NOT FOR THE COMMUNITY OF ORCAS ISLAND! COMMUNITY = together, not separation!

When I first came to Orcas Island with my daughter, we lived in the McGlinn house, the site of which is the new Opal project. Every morning I would walk to town to my job at Homegrown Market. The crows on the property used to call and follow me to town every day. When the Lummi people came to Orcas with a shaman to help locate burials on Madrona Point, they stayed with me and my daughter overnight.

Last weekend the machines of the ant people roared like a ravening beast and the crows cawed in outrage as the trees were ripped and crunched from the ground. This large flock was in terrible distress for a day and a half, screaming their pain and outrage to anyone who had a working heart and cared enough to listen.

Now, with large stands of trees gone from Eastsound, the wind will cause more destruction with heavy winter storms. County officials have failed to consider the wind tunnel effect of Eastsound. With no trees to stop it, Eastsound is a wind tunnel. Crow is known as The Messenger.

Spirit Eagle