Brent Johnson for San Juan County Sheriff

San Juan County voters have an opportunity to elect a new sheriff. Let’s make the correct choice. For me, Brent Johnson is that choice.

Experience is a key element in determining who is best qualified for the position. Brent possesses 35 years experience in many aspects of law enforcement. He worked in a large city police force, the University of Washington Police Force, and, for the past eight years, as the Lead Detective for the San Juan County Sheriff’s office.

Brent is actively involved in numerous county activities. He serves as Fire Wise Program co-coordinator, a member of the Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Services Board, and Chairman of the San Juan County Veteran’s Advisory Board.

The San County Sheriff must possess character and integrity. I serve with Brent on the Veteran’s Advisory Board and observe him demonstrate both traits on a continuing basis. He always seeks ways to assist veterans, but most importantly, he demonstrates integrity and a concern for detail by ensuring applications are completed properly prior to approval. Brent is also a team builder.

After reviewing each candidate’s previous law enforcement experience, as well as his experience in San Juan County, I choose Brent Johnson.

Ed Lutz