Bolshoi is not to be missed | Letters

We want to share this world-class opportunity with you! For the last several years, something notable has been going on at Orcas Center at 2 p.m. on specific weekend days several times during the winter season. The Bolshoi Dances live-stream on the big screen from Russia. It is an exotic, exciting experience to be transported to the Russian Ballet Theatre – where it seems to be built of gold. The costumes and sets, and the awesome orchestra beautifully enhance the dance experience.

After seeing many live dance performances all over the world, we find this to be an even broader experience than a live performance. A hostess who speaks many languages greets us and then takes us behind stage to watch the dancers warm up and get ready in their dressing rooms, etc. She explains the story of the dance we are about to view. We even get to go into the pit with the incredible orchestra!

Every Bolshoi production that Dane Steck and I have witnessed fills us full of delight, pleasure, awe and gratitude as we watch this well-practiced, precise, graceful and energetic, super-synchronized troupe of professional dance artists perform dance at its best. It isn’t always classical, yet it is always gorgeous and exciting to witness here in Eastsound at the Orcas Center. The three-night, full house, dance performances of “The Roasted Nut” this last weekend proves we appreciate fine dancing! It was great!

I suspect those who performed here would just “eat up” the Bolshoi exposure and inspire our dancers to continue to delight audiences with their work here on Orcas. All dance students and their supportive families will appreciate this treat! And the audiences who filled the house will also enjoy the Bolshoi.

Everyone who enjoys dance, even a little, please join us for the next Bolshoi film presentation of the Bolshoi Live from Moscow on Saturday, Dec. 15, at 2 p.m. where brings us “The Nutcracker.” I suspect you will love it. Thanks for supporting our love of dance!

Cheerleader for our dance family,

Marti Monroe

Orcas Island