Bob Myhr has the right combination

It is not often that our county leadership is endowed with someone who combines a passionate desire to preserve and enhance the beauty, community, and life-giving natural resources of our county; a resume of organizational leadership and practical work experience that virtually matches the checklist of CEOs of U.S. companies and non-profits; a brilliant intellect who earned Fulbright Scholarships; a well-deserved reputation for wisdom, reflection, fairness and decisiveness; and, for the 27 years that I have known him, a middle name of “integrity.” Yet fortunately he is the County Council member who skillfully represents Lopez, Shaw, Blakely, Decatur, and Center Islands.

Fiscally conservative, Bob has chosen to reduce the influence of money in his campaign by voluntarily limiting the size of donations and cap the total amount of money raised at $5,000. Contributions from non-District 6 county voters has been discouraged and is minimal. The visual pollution of ubiquitous signage was rigorously contained by a self-imposed decision to restrict posting of signs until 45 days prior to the election. Bob is “Mr. Clean” in campaigning. The list of accomplishments under Bob’s leadership on the County Council is significant and includes: reduced county budgets and staffing in a difficult economy; expanded walkways along roads in Lopez Village; initiated successful legislation to encourage use of electric cars; continued efforts to save the Lopez transfer station and to keep Neil’s mall, the stopping of mandatory curbside garbage pickup; acquired funding and started the process to keep Odlin South as a county park reserve area, supported senior services, health services, and parks.

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George Lawson