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Beach access | Letter

Living without adequate access to our Islands beaches is true malarkey.

I understand that many beachfront land owners feel their beach access should not be shared; for they are sensitive and value their privacy. The counter argument is made by those who do not live on the shore; the beach is owned by none and should be shared by all, as long as it is not being littered or inappropriately loitered upon.

The solution to this discrepancy of opinion is clear: a countywide ordinance stating that all waterfront will now be open to public use, however, users must not sit or stand in front of private structures or land.

As long as you are continually moving, the common beach goer will have uninterrupted access to the coastline of OUR island. IF a walker was to sit directly in front of said private dwelling, the police will be called to report a trespasser. No private citizen nor the county will be held accountable for injury occurred on these shorelines. In the spirit of finding togetherness in these tough times, I encourage you to invite the joy of sharing into your life. I doubt you will be disappointed.

Josh Culp

Orcas Island