An amazing county fair | Letters

Exhausted and happy to be home from a week spent at the San Juan County Fairgrounds in Friday Harbor, we 4-H leaders would like to thank the following people for all the hard work they put into making this year’s fair successful.

Participating in the San Juan County fair for Orcas means also camping for a week at the fairgrounds. This gives us a round the clock experience with the fair and an appreciation for all the work that goes into making it run smoothly.

We would like to thank the fair staff and the fair board, Jennifer Allen, Ashley King, Matt and Jennifer Rigg on San Juan Island and our own fair board representative Josephine Bangs. The big change this year was the deconstruction of 3/4ths of the old horse barn leaving the historic original section. The fair staff and board said, “trust us” and reluctantly we did. They came through with a beautiful tent to house the horses, which worked wonderfully, and a nice tack barn. Thanks also for re-wiring the sheep and goat barn, making it safe for all, and generally being available to help with anything, including leading a parade of horse trailers out of the fair ground on Saturday night.

We would also like to thank the staff at the Washington State Extension, Brook Brouwer, county director; Wendy Waxman, 4-H coordinator and Kris Bayas and staff for all their hard work ensuring our 4h members and leaders had the support they needed while at the fair.

The staff at the Islands’ Sounder helped get the word out to our island of what was happening prior and what happened after the fair. Thanks to Meredith Griffith and Colleen Armstrong for covering what we think are important, newsworthy accomplishments.

Lastly, we would like to thank all our friends who ventured over to experience the fair and support our island kids. We are already looking forward to 2018!

Kari VanGelder

4H Trailblazers leader

Amy Lum

4H sheep and goat leader

Kathy Morris

4h Fur and Feathers club leader