Amazed by the ‘Roasted Nut’ | Letters

Once again I am moved by what Orcas Center has offered to us. After many decades and after many, many wonderful musicals, plays and other events, I am again truly inspired on why Orcas Center was conceived, built and is here for our community.

An exposure of a massive wave of talent was presented through “The Roasted Nut.” The decades of volunteers to continue this wonderful place is astonishing. Starting with supporting membership, committee involvement, trustee leadership, ushers, bartenders, backstage hands, fundraising heroes, gardeners, donors and of course the wonderfully talented people and productions that we come to see.

If you saw “The Roasted Nut” you understand the warm fuzzy feeling. If other productions may have been more your “thing,” Orcas Center still is the HEART of the island and we all need to hold it dear in all the ways we can for its continuing success. Compliments to innovation of new ideas by our director and staff.

Velma Doty

Orcas Island