Additional political endorsement Letters to the Editor

These letters came in after the deadline for our Aug. 13 paper.

Ranker for 40th Legislative District

Yet another endorsement letter, ah, won’t we all be glad when election year is over!

We feel that we need to write this final letter of endorsement because it is such an important issue. We are urging voters to vote and we are endorsing Kevin Ranker for the State Senate, 40th District. We have known Kevin for years and have worked personally with him on many issues which have been paramount to this county. We have seen Kevin take responsible, sensible action and make decisive decisions. He has proven to be articulate and dedicated and shares in the values and vision we have for our County and State as a whole. Kevin works with people and has a genuine way of communicating which is refreshing and honest. Kevin is a problem solver. He is also a voice for the environment and for sensible growth which we feel is necessary in this position and in the position he has held as Commissioner and Councilman. Kevin has the expertise and ethics for this position and would not just be representing the San Juan’s, but both Whatcom and Skagit Counties as well. Kevin has always been accessible and we mentioned that importance last week in another endorsement. It is important to have your concerns listened to and be able to have a person in this important position to be accessible to your concerns. Kevin’s endorsements are too many to mention but I will say that he is the Official Nominee of the Washington State Democratic Party as well as two prestigious conservation groups. It would be an honor to have a Senator elected from our county and it has been an honor to know and work with Kevin. Kevin will listen; he will take action and will work hard to represent all of our needs and concerns. His passion for our unique island situation, on intelligent growth and preservation are real. His experience and accomplishments are real and he will bring this to Olympia. We hope you will join us in endorsing Kevin for Senator!


Patty Pirnack-Hamilton

Jim Hamilton

Fralick for Orcas West County Council

For the many years that Anne and I have known Richard Fralick, we have admired and respected his intelligence and many achievements as well as his dedication to our community.

His work on the Home Rule Election Committee, Board Member of the Orcas Medical Center Association, Orcas Island School Board, Trustee of the Orcas Island Library Selection Committies, are all testimonies of his comittment to the betterment of our island. He excels in facilitating enjoys problem solving and has a thorough understanding of how our government works. Therefore, we urge your support of Richard to the office of County Council, Orcas Island West.

Harlan and Anne Pedersen

Lichter for Orcas West County Council

We are writing to express our support of Alan Lichter for County Council, District 4 (Orcas West) We are faced with very competent and good candidates for this position but we have decided to stick with what we know. We know that Alan is in simpatico with our vision for the islands and with the Vision Statement for this county. He has demonstrated clear, even handed and thoughtful decisions concerning development issues and the very important growth issues facing this county. He is very environmentally concerned (thus no signs yet to clutter up our roads until after the primary). Alan worked with fellow Councilman Kevin Ranker to develop the Proposal which listed 26 ways to reduce the County’s energy use and “carbon footprint” in response to global warming last year. Alan has also been very active in working with the past Ferry Advisory Board and with the state and has been an advocate for islanders with the WSF. He’s always accessible and reasonable and always listens graciously when I have called him at home with concerns. We have known Alan for many years and feel like we have someone on the Council that represents our concerns. We sincerely hope that he will be able to continue to be that “watch dog” we have come to rely upon to speak our voice on the county level. We feel represented by a committed, qualified, accessible, dedicated, good and ethical person and urge you to vote for Alan Lichter.

Patty Pirnack-Hamilton

Jim Hamilton