A thank you, and a request

I want to share with our Orcas Island community my deepest appreciation for the staff at the UWM Orcas Island clinic. They are the finest people that I have ever met, and one of the most enjoyable teams with whom I have had the privilege to work. They are respectful, dedicated, and hardworking. Their ethics are grounded; their moral compasses calibrated to true north. Their smiles and laughter carry throughout the clinic, and their concern and caring genuine for all those who come through the doors.

So please, when you see them around town stop and say hello, give them the same warm smile they give you all, and say thank you. Their commitment to serving this community is extraordinary and a simple thank you can mean so much.

So please, big shout outs to: The front office team of Bekah Lucas, Alenna Garcia, and Neisha Grams, the clinical team of Joie Lucas MA, Dixie Morrison MA, Mary Garcia LPN, Mary Armstrong RN, and Susan Newkumet RN, the office manager Jennifer Taylor, and Kirsten Pickard ARNP, Dr. Camille Fleming, and Dr. David Russell. I cannot thank them enough for what they do, so I would love to see all your support as well.

Mike Alperin, MD

Orcas Island