A plea to islanders | Letter

This is a plea and a warning.

PLEASE think about what these islands might become. County government seems bent on spending your tax money to attract and cater to massively more visitors.

But the money part pales compared to the importance of preserving what’s left of a more peaceful, private and small town way of life.

Tourism is big and getting bigger. It will grow without any promotion at all. It is silly and unfair to expect residents to pay for costly, extensive infrastructure for visitors. The Zylstra lake bike path and destination management plan are part of one iceberg. We’re on the Titanic.

But again, it’s not about the money. It’s about quality of life here for residents.

This appears to be serious and irreversible point for decision.

Please speak up. Write letters. Call councilors. Talk to your friends. Come to the hearings.

Do you really want them to stomp on the accelerator of tourism growth at your expense? Or maybe just live with the inevitable natural growth that can’t be stopped.

Steve Hudson

San Juan Island