A New Year’s Resolution | Letter

This New Year’s Day I awakened with a sense of dread. Dread of what 2020 could bring given the growing disharmony in our world, our country and even our own families.

Buddhism teaches that true wisdom is found, not in black and white answers, but through an open mind of not knowing, by accepting the grey… As a wholistic life coach, I frequently help clients reframe their perceptions so they can gain insight into the lesson(s) being provided along their journey. I often respond to complaints and concerns with, “Yes, AND…” rather than “Yes, but…” That single word — AND — enables a profound difference in awakening our mind and opening our heart. Its innate inclusivity invites us to loosen our desperate clutching onto our own agenda and soften our gaze; it helps us process and releases internal energy to promote mutual well-being and healing.

It seems to me that this year, more than ever, we need to embody the word AND as we move through the months of decision-making and interactions ahead. We can experience very different interpretations, personal truths, and goals… AND we are all struggling, sometimes fearful beings in need of compassion and hope. If we can acknowledge and honor the totality of this truth, we can resolve to work together to maximize mutual commonalities and strengths as we strive to heal our families, country and planet. We might even inspire our leaders. How about that for a New Year’s Resolution?

Deb Langhans

San Juan Island