Wolf Technical Solutions opens

Wolf Technical Solutions is a new, Orcas-based business concentrated on enhancing local companies’ brand management and e-commerce integration.

“The first thing I’d like to focus on is getting local businesses connected and selling to the world. Orcas and the San Juan Islands is a fantastic brand story. It’s appealing; it sells,” said entrepreneur Alex Wolf. “I have a low-cost solution to make e-commerce happen for almost any business.”

Wolf and his wife moved to Orcas after he left his job at Microsoft, where he had worked since 1998. He worked for the software company in quality assurance, project management, technical writing and development.

“Microsoft was very keen on hiring the best problem-solvers and assembling great teams. I was a part of a few outstanding teams there, and I can say that each one was special to me,” said Wolf. “Again, it was enjoyable and fun, so much so that some days I didn’t even realize that I was working.”

To Wolf, moving to the island provided a problem to solve: how to make a living on Orcas with a professional history in technology.

“I’d like to change that for myself and for others. We are just now getting the infrastructure to operate a technology-based business here, and we need to make use of it … now, not in 10 years,” said Wolf. “And there are plenty of smart people here who need good jobs, and plenty of businesses that could benefit.”