Vocal freedom offering at the Healing Arts Center

Orcas Islander Khadoma Colomby is offering  a new service at the Healing Arts Center called “vocal freedom.”

Do you remember when you were a child, and you sang because it was fun, and it felt good? Do you remember speaking freely, with no inhibitions about what you were going to say?

“And then, life happens, and we take on layers of insecurities and a need for others approval,” Colomby said. “We begin to compare ourselves, seek perfection, and slowly close ourselves down.”

Vocal freedom is about unfurling those layers. Singing has been traditionally used for thousands of years by cultures worldwide as a tool for healing.

For more information, go to www.vocalfreedomorcasisland.com. Colomby is participating in the Healing Arts fundraiser this weekend. Call 376-4002. All proceeds go towards the center’s historic building.