Professional cuddler now on Orcas

Orcas Islander Virginia Erhardt, a retired clinical psychologist, is now offering professional cuddling as part of Cuddlist, an international company that trains people to become practitioners of therapeutic touch.

“Our bodies are the homes of our spirits and souls. The potential for them to be havens for homecoming is always here in each moment when we choose to relate well with ourselves,” Erhardt said. “We have a code of conduct that features requirements such as that sessions remain totally platonic and that both practitioner and client be free of mind-altering substances. We believe that getting in touch with ourselves is enhanced by being in contact with a person who creates a safe place to BE. Anything that happens in a Cuddlist session is an enthusiastic YES for both parties.”

The benefits of consensual cuddling include: creating a sense of connection; altering blood chemistry; feeling a sense of safety and belonging; and enhancing self-worth.

“Cuddling feels good,” Erhardt said. “But it is the empowerment of learning to identify their desires and to express them with respect for another’s needs that is the most important goal of the session for a client.”

Erhardt is offering a half-price discount for a one-hour cuddling session during the month of June at her Eastsound location. To discuss setting up an appointment, go to