Personal training gym opens

Stephen Forsythe.

Stephen Forsythe.

Stephen Forsythe opened a gym on Orcas because he wants to help people get healthy.

After 20 years of training in gyms with athletes competing in the fitness world, Forsythe felt he would have something to offer this community.

While living in Idaho, Forsythe also trained under a former Mr. Universe in Idaho and helped design a gym.

It is those experiences that motivated him to open his new business, “The Art of Training,” which he opened this winter in the building located on Urner Street across from Key Bank.

He describes working out  as a “journey to educate and inform each person who aspires to have a more authentically pleasing and healthy functioning physique.”

“The Art of Training” is not a gym where people can walk in and workout on their own, but rather a place where Forsythe offers personal training with equipment and free weights. He said it’s important to  increase bone density especially as you age.

Equipment is designed to be user friendly and anyone of any level is welcome to come for a free half-hour consultation.

“I design a routine around your needs and limitations and make it to where you get results,” he said. “It’s all custom designed to help people.”

To contact Forsythe call 298-5320 or email