Orcas Pest Control, an Orcas Island-based pest control service

A young island entrepreneur has identified an opportunity to create a new business.

After researching potential business opportunities that would allow Douglas Smith to stay and live on Orcas Island after he graduated high school, he found out there were no Orcas-based pest control services.

Smith sought advice on the demand and need for Orcas and then committed to Washington State University’s requirements to obtain the certifications required and recently passed the tests for the credentials he needed. He also has relatives in the pest control business in the Seattle area; they helped him learn the latest technology, application and practices.

“I was surprised to find out that there was not an Orcas-based provider for this and with our rural nature-pests and our residential and commercial structures are a real year-round battle,” said Smith. “I was also able to obtain training in traditional chemical pest warfare and also alternative ways to mitigate pest’s migration into our homes and businesses. For example, I found a source for ladybugs that are actually better at eating aphids and other small critters than spraying chemicals. Also trapping and removing pests can be more effective than poison and baits that just temporarily drive them to your neighbor’s house.”

Smith is offering a free property evaluation and works on a monthly service agreement, a per project basis or in emergencies.

You can find out more about Orcas Pest Control at www.orcaspestcontrol.com, or call Smith at 360-376-2170. His e-mail is support@orcaspestcontrol.com.