Orcas Digerati company offers information services on Orcas

Martin Taylor of Orcas Digerati.

Martin Taylor of Orcas Digerati.

Photographer and 13-year Orcas resident Martin Taylor has launched a new business, Orcas Digerati.

The information services company will offer company and personal Web sites.

“A Web site can be an eCommerce site, a for-profit or nonprofit business front end or back end service provider, an application, a newspaper or magazine, a school, a news group and bulletin board, a mailing list and much more,” said Taylor. “It usually offers a variety of services which implements the needs of a business, non profit, family or individual.”

He will also be offering the creation of WordPress Web sites, which can be custom-designed by a developer and then handed off to the customer, who does day-to-day updating and content creation.

“Different users can be assigned roles and permissions based on their needs and capabilities so they can collaborate,” he said.

In addition to his passionate pursuits of photography and rowing, Taylor has worked as a computer engineer for the past 25 years, doing custom computer chip design, network design, software programming, web design and more.

He has experience with UNIX like systems such as Linux, Sun and Apple Mac OS X systems both in desktop systems, servers and embedded systems.

Taylor said Orcas Digerati can build networked information systems to specification through custom hardware, system and network implementations, custom software to web sites and web applications.

While he has served clients across the globe, he said he finds “a special pleasure and synergy in working in the local community.”

“The community needs ‘the Net’ more than the rest of the world to thrive despite its separateness,” he said. “With the right application of technology Orcas and the San Juans can blossom as whole communities. Technology can help bring the right tourists, help them buy from the Islands before and after they go home and help the Islands thrive twelve months a year beyond the tourists.”

For more information, visit Taylor’s Web site, OrcasDigerati.com; email Martin@OrcasDigerati.com or call Taylor at 360.298.2086.