Nurse practitioner Pickard at Orcas Island Family Medicine

Kirsten E. Pickard, ARNP has joined the practice at Orcas Island Family Medicine with Dr. David Russell, MD.

Pickard has a 10-year history of obstetrical care and began her work in family practice three years ago. Her practice focuses on wellness and lifestyle management to optimize health. She believes that emotional health is critical to physical wellness and tries to address this at each opportunity with her patients. She is currently accepting new patients.

Pickard lives on Waldron Island with her husband and young daughter Manya. She commutes to Orcas by boat.

“There are so many joys to providing family care in a small community,” said Pickard. “I love watching babies grow up and caring for parents and siblings. Seeing my patients in the coffee shop and grocery store when I am with my own child really brings to life the reason I started this work. I am delighted to be a part of the Orcas community in this way.”