New craft store in Eastsound

The San Juans don’t have a Michaels or a Jo-Ann – but there is a Bonnie’s. At least that’s how the craft store, located in Friday Harbor, is affectionately known by locals.

Its real name is Creative Passions and it has just opened a new store, Creative Passions Too, in Eastsound.

“This island had just lost its craft store, and they were desperate for a new one,” said Bonnie Turman, owner of Creative Passion Too. “[They said:] ‘If you want a craft store, talk to Bonnie.”

She opened her flagship shop in Friday Harbor six years ago and since then it has expanded from humble beginnings into the much larger store that she runs today.

“The whole reason I started the store in the first place was because of my frustration,” said Turman, an active crafter who noted the obvious lack of craft stores on the islands. “I’m here for the locals. I’m not a tourist attraction.”

Creative Passions Too is situated in the Wausau Building on North Beach Road. A small shop houses just a sample of the products available from the business. Turman says that customers at the Eastsound store have access to all of the products in the other location’s inventory – it just would take a day or two to get it here.

“My beading department is as big as this room,” said Turman, referencing her entire Eastsound storefront. “There’s more to choose from in Friday Harbor. I have so much, I couldn’t possibly begin to tell people what I’ve got over there.”

Turman is currently the only person working at the Orcas location. She brought her travel trailer over from Friday Harbor and stays in it during the week. On the weekends she returns to San Juan to enjoy time with her husband Merle.

“This is all his fault,” laughed Turman. “He’s very supportive in all that I do.”

Creative Passions Too is open Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.