Lopez navy veterans open ‘Ye Scurvy Dogs’ hot dog shop

Jay and Deanna Brant with their 'Scurvy Dogs' stand.

Jay and Deanna Brant with their 'Scurvy Dogs' stand.

After traveling around the world and sailing all of the seven seas, US Navy veterans Jay and Deanna Brant say they are ready to release a bit of their ‘inner pirates.’

On Saturday, May 21 they’ll open their new hot dog business, ‘Ye Scurvy Dogs’ in Lopez Village. Their pirate theme is evident, from their Jolly Roger style logo with a skull and hot dogs instead of bones, to their motto, ‘The Heartiest Hot Dogs In The Salish Sea.’

“I think most sailors have a fascination with pirates,” says Deanna. “We always have. When we bought a boat, a Jolly Roger was the first flag we flew aboard it.”

Ye Scurvy Dogs will be open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 214 Lopez Road, in the parking lot where the market used to be.

They’ll serve jumbo all-beef Nathan’s Famous hot dogs with all of the fixings, as well as a smaller version for kids 10 and under. Customers can order ahead by calling or texting their orders to 360-410-2705.

In keeping with the pirate theme and their own Navy history, Jay and Deanna will offer any card-carrying sailor who’s crossed the equator, or “Shellback,” a free drink with a hot dog purchase.

Pollywogs – those that haven’t crossed the equator – pay full price.

Jay and Deanna moved to Lopez Island in 2007 with their boys, Jimi, 16, and Anchor, 10.

Deanna (Richey), a fifth generation Lopezian, served in the US Navy for five years and is currently employed at Lopez Village Market. Jay, originally from Virginia, retired from the US Navy in 2007.

For more information, contact the Brants at 360-468-2359 or YeScurvyDogs@hotmail.com.