Long-time islander running successful firewood business

Axe and Wedge is an island company that provides custom processed firewood delivered to your door by using a quick and easy online order form. One year ago Edward Stone invested in a pneumatic firewood processing machine custom built in Massachusetts and brought it to Orcas to launch his business. He processes local timber that is normally a by-product of forest management.

“It’s an incredible renewable resource, and the wood processor has streamlined the operation,” said Stone. “Axe and Wedge was literally developed one split log at a time.”

Stone was raised on Orcas Island and for 23 years worked as a mechanic in the automotive industry. The emotional pull to be outside and be to able enjoy and manage his own land made him want to leave that trade behind. For the last eight years, he has had the contract with Moran State Park delivering firewood to campers.

“There has always been a steady stream of calls requesting firewood from the community … but I couldn’t meet the demand outside of the park,” Stone explained.

Once he bought the wood processor and took the risk of quitting his job as a mechanic, everything fell into place. As he approaches his one-year anniversary, the “Woodman” has no regrets.

“I have been amazed at the support this community has given me, and I am incredibly grateful to be here.,” Stone said.

His favorite thing about running Axe and Wedge is meeting customers and hearing about all the “amazing” reasons people have chosen to live on Orcas Island.

“Everyone waits until fall to order firewood, but now is the time,” Stone advises. “There is not a species of firewood on Orcas Island that doesn’t require at least a six-month seasoning period. If you have the resources to buy firewood now, it’s the perfect time. Don’t be left out in the cold!”