Islanders Bank offers tips to avoid fraud

Islanders Bank submitted the following announcement:

The holidays bring a season to buy gifts and travel. Unfortunately, those activities also pose a risk to our financial security as identity fraud and theft have become commonplace. Here a few tips to avoid financial fraud.

When you conduct a transaction with a business that you don’t know, healthy skepticism is a important. If your credit or debit cards leave your sight, be aware who takes the card and how long they have it.

When buying online, make sure the merchant uses a secure website encrypted to ensure protection of your financial information. Look for an https:// secured website or the lock symbol on the merchant webpage to indicate strong security practices. Log off when you are done.

When traveling, keep your debit/credit cards secure and use them with caution. Don’t use cash machines that aren’t associated with a reputable hotel, business or bank. Look closely at cash machines and avoid any ATM that has loose card scanners or odd looking attachments, as this can indicate skimming equipment that is used to copy your debit/credit card information.

Memorize your PIN number and don’t carry it in your wallet. Keep your receipts and closely scrutinize your bank and credit card statements.