Island Pie is serving up the ‘za | Pizza place opens in Deer Harbor

On the western shores of Orcas Island, restaurants are a rarity. But Margaret Weidner is hoping to change that with her new pizza shop, Island Pie.

“We listened to the [Deer Harbor] community; [they] wanted a gathering place,” said Weidner. “I wanted to open a business here to help me to integrate into the community. I just really couldn’t pass it up; it’s a great opportunity.”

As of right now, the restaurant, at 11 Jack and Jill Place, specializes in pizzas and salads, but Weidner is not going to limit herself to pizzas. She envisions soups, bread, baked goods, casseroles, lasagna, pasta and baked fish and to one day grace the menu board.

Current recipes that Island Pie serves up are creative meals concocted by her business partner and husband, Robert.

“I’m here to help her establish that business,” said Robert. “If we’re inviting you into our home, this is the food we’d serve.”

Added Weidner: “It’s going to be amazing, I’m sure. Everybody loves pizza.”

The couple moved to Orcas Island two years ago and live on their boat moored at the Deer Harbor Marina. Prior to their relocation, Weidner worked as a chemist in Seattle.

“[The islands are a] very cool place that I’ve always loved,” said Robert.

Weidner studied business, science of food and finances before taking the leap and opening her business.

Searching for a place to open was the easy part. They said they owe much of their early success to landlord Dennis Shilling.

“He’s invested in his community,” said Weidner. “He put his dollars down too.”

Island Pie is open every day, except Tuesday, from 3 to 10 p.m. The restaurant’s number is 376-2505.