Intern at Orcas Family Health

Intern Julie Yates with Dr. Dave Shinstrom.

Intern Julie Yates with Dr. Dave Shinstrom.

There has been a new face working at the Orcas Family Health Center and shopping the aisles of the market. Julie Yates is a nurse practitioner student from Seattle University who will be completing her clinical rotation at OFHC in the coming weeks.  She has been a nurse for eight years, and has worked in a variety of settings, including the University of Washington medical center and rural clinics.

Yates is from a large family, born and raised in Snohomish, Wash.  She lives in Seattle with her partner and enjoys babysitting her nieces, fly-fishing, traveling, and has a newfound interest in flying – thanks to Dr. Dave Shinstrom of OFHC.

“Julie is an exemplary student combining enthusiasm and excellent personal traits in caring for our patients,”  said nurse practitioner Phoebe Hershenow.

Yates says she thanks Shinstrom, Hershenow and the staff and patients of OFHC for “their patience and eagerness to provide an incredible learning opportunity.”

“Their dedication to the Orcas community is evident in the warm welcome they provided, their ever present smiles, and abundant energy,” she said. “I also thank Bill, Lisa and Laurie for their generous hospitality while completing my clinical rotation.”