Insurance with a smile

Michele Wiley is now in the Madrona Point Insurance office at 365 North Beach Road. She can be reached at 376-5707.

Michele Wiley admits it’s a funny thing to be enthusiastic about, but that doesn’t stop her from loving her job.

“Everyone needs insurance, so let’s make it fun and do it right,” she said. “It is such a good feeling to know my clients leave my office protected.”

Wiley, who owns Chele Enterprises, has just moved into the Madrona Point Insurance office on North Beach Road, where she is working with owner Sean Roach to “make it her own.” Roach moved to Seattle two years ago.

Wiley splits her time between Orcas and the mainland, where she has an office in the Arlington/Smokey Point area. She also has a handful of Canadian customers.

Wiley, who had a 20-year career in the high tech communications industry, decided to open her own business doing something she is passionate about: selling insurance. Chele Enterprises is part of the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of Washington.

“It’s always been my dream to have my own business and this allows me to live in a beautiful place and still maintain connections off-island,” she said. “Insurance is ever-changing and evolving. I do everything from one-car policies to home, auto, vacation, second home and aviation.”

Wiley has lived on Orcas off and on for 30 years. Her dad Mike is a painting contractor on the island.

“Orcas has been a magnet,” she said. “It’s pulled me back.”

Wiley says she prides herself on getting competitive quotes and the best price for the best coverage. She often does risk-analysis for clients and evaluates their current policies with other companies.

“If someone has really good coverage, I tell them to stay where they are,” she said.

When asked what she does for fun, Wiley answered: “sell insurance.”

She has volunteered for the Orcas Island Chamber for years as well as the chamber in Arlington, where she chairs the “Business After Hours” program.

“I love to do community service and be with people,” she said. “I walk out of here every day in awe of the opportunity we have here.”